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Responsible drinking programmes

As early as the 1930s, we actively promoted a responsible approach to our products. Today we continue this tradition and support close to 300 responsible drinking programmes in over 50 countries.

We are committed to measuring these initiatives for effectiveness and impact, and to reporting on the results. Below is a sampling of some of the programmes we are supporting in Australia. Visit Diageo Case Studies and our Responsible Drinking YouTube channel for more examples of how we are making a difference.


The Wake Up Foundation – Underage Education Program

We help fund the education of young people in grades 9 -12 on making safer choices, especially around alcohol consumption. The program covers facts about alcohol, discusses issues relating to alcohol misuse and helps students tackle peer pressure and make more informed choices. 


DrinkWise – Moderate drinking campaigns

Through our social aspects organisations DrinkWise, we fund programs aimed atbringing about a healthier, safer drinking culture in Australia. ‘How to drink properly’ is a social media campaign aimed to influence young adults (18-24 year olds) to drink responsibly – by moderating the intensity and frequency of binge drinking occasions.  

‘You won’t miss a moment if you DrinkWise’ urges Australians at public events, from sporting games to festivals, to moderate their drinking so not to miss a moment of the action.


How to Drink Properly

You Won’t Miss a Moment If You DrinkWise

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