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When suffering from depression, some people feel that drinking helps them cope with life and makes them feel better. However, the initial good feeling can soon wear off and if you start drinking regularly, you’ll have to drink more to get the same effect. This can very easily create a routine where you begin to use alcohol as a coping mechanism or as a medication.  Drinking in this way can affect your mental and physical health and will not make you feel better in the long run.

If you think you are suffering from depression, it is very important that you consult your GP or healthcare professional for help and support.


Combining medication with alcohol  may  change the effects of the medicine, either by exaggerating them or negating them. It can also affect motor skills, so you should never drive or operate heavy equipment if you have mixed alcohol with certain medicines.

Always read the labels on prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines before drinking, and always consult your GP or healthcare professional if you have any questions.

Dependence or inability to control drinking

Alcohol dependence or alcoholism is a serious medical condition that can cause physical and mental harm to both the person involved and those around them. You can find out more about alcohol dependence here and, if you are concerned, contact your GP or healthcare professional for information and support.


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Controlling your drinking
Controlling your drinking

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