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Being a role model

Research has shown that parents are the strongest influence on their children’s drinking decisions. Your relationship with alcohol will affect theirs, so it’s important to always drink responsibly around them, and never drink and drive.

Talk to your children

Despite your best efforts, your children are likely to see people drinking to excess as they grow up. Because of this, it’s important that you talk to them about the dangers of binge drinking, the effects alcohol can have on children, and the laws about underage drinking.

You can also talk them through situations that they may face growing up and help them create a game plan so that they feel more prepared to say no. Let them know they can come to you with any questions and that you’re happy to talk about drinking whenever they want.  

Learning to drive

When your child starts learning to drive make sure they know the dangers of drink driving, why it's a bad idea and what the laws are around drinking and driving. Again, it’s important to set an example, so let them see you arranging taxis, choosing a designated driver and turning down drinks when you’re out and have to drive.

Discussing your family history

If there is a history of alcoholism or alcohol dependence in your family, or dependence problems in general, let your children know. It may help them understand the dangers and will help them make informed decisions. If you have concerns talk to your GP or healthcare professional.

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