Drink Calculator

Our Drink Calculator helps you take charge of your drinking occasion. You can add up the number of units you’ve consumed, find out how long it takes your body to process the alcohol, and learn the number of calories in your drinks.

The numbers are based on the average measurements, strengths, and calories you’d find across a range of common drinks (excluding mixers).

Drink Calculator
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Pint at 4% ABV
Guinness pint at 4.1% ABV
Half a pint at 4% ABV
Can 500ml at 4.5% ABV
330ml bottle at 5% ABV
Smithwicks Pint at 3.8%
Smithwicks Can at 3.8%
Hop House 13 Pint 13 at 5.0%
Hop House 13 Bottle 13 at 5.0%
Large Glass (250ml) at 12.5% ABV
Medium Glass (175ml) at 12.5% ABV
Small Glass (125ml) at 12.5% ABV
Bottle (750mls) at 12.5% ABV
Half bottle (375mls) at 12.5% ABV
Glass of champagne (125mls) at 12.5% ABV
Premix drink 275mls (RTD) at 4% ABV
Dark Spirit (Rum, Scotch etc) single (35.5mls) at 40% ABV
Dark Spirit (Rum, Scotch etc) double (35.5mls) at 40% ABV
Pimms 35.5mls at 25% ABV
Baileys 35.5mls at 17% ABV
White Spirits (Vodka, Gin, Tequila etc) single (35.5mls) at 37.5% ABV
White Spirits (Vodka, Gin, Tequila etc) double (71mls) at 37.5% ABV
Mojito 50mls at 37.5% ABV
Cocktail - Martini 50mls at 37.5% ABV


Standard Drinks

Standard Drinks
The Health Service Executive recommends up to 17 standard drinks (170g) for men per week and 11 standard drinks (110g) for women per week.





Hours to process

Hours to process
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* On average your body processes about one unit of alcohol every hour – and nothing can speed this up. This is an estimate only as the time taken to process the alcohol will depend on a variety of factors including gender, age, weight, health and lifestyle.
**The calories you burn vary widely depending on your weight, exercise intensity and other factors.