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Many countries have regulations about when a person is old enough to buy and drink alcohol. Usually they’ll also set limits on the amount you can drink and still drive. However, not every country has the same laws. Check out our guide  and avoid getting into trouble at home or abroad.

Laws in the United States

Buying and drinking alcohol

The legal  purchase age for alcohol is 21.  The legal drinking age is also 21 but there are some exceptions depending on the state. Please be aware that there are some caveats – see below: 

If you are under 21, it is illegal:

  • for someone to sell you alcohol
  • to buy or try to buy alcohol
  • or an adult to buy alcohol on your behalf

Drinking and driving

The legal Blood Alcohol Concentration limit for driving across most of the United States is .08.  Some states have lower BAC laws so be sure to check for exceptions.


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