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Humans make more than 30,000 decisions a day. But when it comes to drinking and driving, one wrong decision can be life-altering. Diageo’s groundbreaking project, “Decisions,” challenges people to think twice before allowing themselves – or others – to get behind the wheel after drinking.

Through the use of 360° virtual reality, users can experience an alcohol-related crash head-on. Participants witness the crash through a passenger’s point-of-view, reinforcing a bystander’s power in preventing tragedy. This educational tool lets users see, hear, and feel a car crash first-hand—from start to finish.

The experience, which is best viewed with a VR headset, can be viewed below. Diageo hopes that by giving people a glimpse into the horrors and consequences of drunk driving, they can spark a larger conversation about the issue. Viewers are invited to share the impactful experience with others to further encourage responsible drinking and positive decision-making. 

To view in 360° you don’t need a headset. Simply press play on the video below and move your phone or tablet around in 360°. If you’re on a desktop, scroll left to right and top to bottom with your cursor.


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