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Immerse yourself in a first-person, interactive story about the dangers of binge drinking. “Decisions: Party’s Over” explores four perspectives at a party and allows consumers to interact with the story – toggling between four different points of view – as they experience each of the characters’ perspectives.

In partnership with Jaunt, the immersive cinematic experience company, this innovative virtual reality experience presents scenarios all too common when consumers binge drink. Lower inhibitions, affected judgement and decreased coordination are all outcomes from too much alcohol and can lead to sexual violence, alcohol poisoning and even death. Explore these topics first hand by entering the party through the eyes of Steph, Greg, Jasmine and Luke and experience the aftermath from each of their perspectives.

There are three ways to watch Decisions: Party’s Over:

1. Have an Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear headset? Watch the interactive VR version of Decisions: Party’s Over by Downloading the Jaunt app from the Oculus store.

2. Have a Homido or Cardboard? Download the Jaunt app to your phone, search for Decisions: Party’s Over in VR and connect your headset to your phone to watch.

3. If you don’t have a headset and want to watch in 360º on your phone or computer, go to www.bingedrinkingvr.com or watch below.


Watch Greg’s perspective:



Watch Jasmine’s perspective:



Watch Luke’s perspective:



Watch Steph’s perspective:


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