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Enjoying a drink every now and again can be enjoyable, but drinking to excess can have negative effects not just for you, but for your friends and family.

Binge or excessive drinking impairs your judgment, meaning it increases your likelihood of putting yourself in dangerous situations. These can result in injuries, accidents, unsafe sex, getting in trouble with the police, or ending up the victim of a crime. Watching you put yourself in these high-risk situations, and supporting you through them, can put unnecessary strain on your relationships with your loved ones.

Some people find that they are aggressive when they drink excessively, especially to those around them. Alcohol is never a valid excuse for violent behavior and any assault while under the influence can result in conviction and imprisonment.  If you find yourself feeling angry or violent when drinking, or if you've been told by others that you are, the best thing to do is to stop drinking and reconsider when and how much you drink in the future. If you have difficulty controlling your drinking, please consult your GP or healthcare provider.

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Controlling your drinking
Controlling your drinking

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