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Responsible drinking programs

As early as the 1930s, we actively promoted a responsible approach to our products. Today we continue this tradition and support close to 300 responsible drinking programs in over 50 countries.

We are committed to measuring these initiatives for effectiveness and impact, and to reporting on the results. Below is a sampling of some of the programs we are supporting in the US. Visit  Diageo Case Studies and our Responsible Drinking YouTube channel for more examples of how we are making a difference.

Screening and Brief Interventions

Diageo has supported for almost a decade the training of medical professionals to screen patients for possible alcohol abuse.  This simple training tool allows health professionals to have a non-judgmental conversation about alcohol with their patients.  Endorsed by NIAAA and the Center for Disease Control, this simple tool helps reduce alcohol misuse and, for patients with more serious problems, link them to additional help.  In the US, we have supported this training in college settings, employee assistance programs, among medical professional groups and most recently in the 91 military health centers around the world.


Start a Conversation

Helping parents talk to their kids about alcohol no matter what their age can make a big difference. We know that starting the conversation early and talking often will impact a young person’s decisions around alcohol. Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibly, supported by Diageo, is supporting innovative programs, fun tools and campaigns that influence kids and parents.  Visit responsibility.org for more information.

Responsible Hospitality Institute

Nothing ruins a night like overcrowding, inappropriate behavior, over consuming or feelings of not being safe.  RHI has worked with communities and cities around the country to help them plan, manage and improve their downtown areas so they are safe, vibrant and fun places to socialize.  Through RHI’s Sociable City website, learn about all the tools and services RHI has to offer.



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